How Do I Get Screenshots Larger Than My Screen?

I love SnapnDrag and use it every day to screenshot something.

But lately, I’ve wanted my screenshots to go below the fold.

Maybe there’s a way to get SnapnDrag to do that.

If not, is there a screen capturing tool I should be using to do that?

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  1. lazerow

    I’ve always used SnagIt. It lets you take scrolling windows, entire web pages, etc.

  2. Dan T

    I love SnagIt – it let’s you cut out large scrolling windows that exceed the open screen size as well as objects that don’t save/copy well – $40. Snagit is one of 4 tools I recommend in my post “Spend $100 on these Cool widgets to improve productivity”.

  3. Iñaki

    I have been using SnagIt for some time and it’s great. It even has a Firefox extension to capture long webpages.There’s also a good Firefox add-on, Screengrab

    1. fredwilson

      snagit and screengrab, alright then. sounds like a planthanks everyone for such fast responses.ask and you shall receive is working well at AVC!!!

  4. Ryan

    Try Red Snapper from TastyApps. It costs just $8 and has a Safari button to make it even easier.The problem with some screen capture apps in browsers is they neglect flash. Red Snapper sees all, including flash.

  5. Nikos

    Snagit 8 is THE screen capturing tool. It does more than what you’re looking for

  6. Amit Agarwal

    If you are looking to capture web pages, there’s a good Firefox extension from Picnik that will auto capture long web pages.

  7. Imran Ali

    Hey Fred, I’ve been using Paparazzi (… for OS X lately. it handily gives you a preview, lets you set a time delay to let widgets load, as well as set various capture and crop sizes.Dead useful, if you’re using a Mac.

  8. ErikSchwartz

    You can also go under file.Go to “print”In the print dialog select the .pdf submenuDo a “save as .pdf” from there.You’ll have a .pdf of the entire window.Faast and you don’t need to open another application to do it.

  9. Marc Hedlund

    The Wesabe Firefox extension does this. “Browser Snapshot” takes a JPG or PNG or the full browser page. You can then upload it to Wesabe (which lets you save receipts and confirmation pages, and link them to your transactions), or save it to your hard drive.Give it a shot. 🙂

  10. Berkay

    SnagIt from Techsmith does support scrolling down, and very good tool overall., but it’s windows only.

  11. d4rr3ll

    For Firefox I use the Perl Crescent Page Saver extension, basic version is free and does exactly what it says on the tin.

  12. Joshua Schachter

    If you just want to capture a web page, use Papparazzi. It will make a potentially very tall image:

  13. Lee Bryant

    Doesn’t Paparazzi do this, at least for Web pages?

  14. David Chivers

    I use Snagit for work and have for years. it’s the way to go.

  15. vruz

    You want to capture full web pages alright ?The “Save as Image” add-on for Firefox…Windows screen grabs: Screen Grab Pro…

    1. vruz

      sorry, got confused with the Mozilla add-on.the correct address is the one pointed by Paul below:ScreenGrab!

  16. Paul

    Fred”below the fold” implies web page to me – if so, there are a few items that can do this for you.… is a Firefox add in… is a freeware appHope that helps

  17. Mark

    I’d also add the free Firefox extension Screengrab ( to the list. It works great, and lets you select the visible window, entire page, or a selection. I’ve been using it for all my screenshots for a long time now with no complaints.

  18. Oliver Thylmann

    Try Paparazzi. The only problem is that it can’t make a screenshot of a page you need to be logged into.

    1. Oliver Thylmann

      And put the ad comment box below the comments. I thought nobody said anything yet … boy was I wrong. Great firefox plugin 🙂

  19. Michael Bailey

    Is the screen which you are trying to capture a website or from an application on your machine?If it is a publicly available URL, then I have a thumbnail capturing service which I could turn back on for you to use – if it is a local application, then I’m not sure what application will work.I once took a screencap of one of Robert Scoble’s blog posts – If I remember correctly, it ended up being an image that was 800 wide by 6200 tall.Send me an email, or DM me on twitter (Mobasoft) and let me know.

  20. John M.

    I think the best tool for what you are looking to do is SnagIt (…. It is the best $40 I have spent in a long time, especially if you make a lot of PPT. I honestly don’t know how I made presentations before I had the program.On a side note, all the great information I get from you- all you get from me is a screen shot program reco. Ha, gotta love the internet.Thanks for the great blog Fred-JM

  21. Tami Forman

    Fred — Looks like you already decided, but I just wanted to throw in another vote for Snagit. Cheap, easy to use, lots of versatility. Love it. Couldn’t work without it.

  22. Greg

    I believe lets you choose visible page or full page when taking screenshots. It’s a great tool overall.

  23. Chanitta

    I still don’t get screenshots..