I Am Andrew's #1 Email Relationship

I suggested in my Xobni post that Andrew would have his own thoughts on the cool Outlook plug-in that’s in semi-private (invite only) beta.

He posted them yesterday afternoon and disclosed that I am his #1 email relationship.

The shocking thing is that I still haven’t figured out my #1. Gotham Gal is #4, Andrew is #3, and my partner Brad is #2. I’ll figure out #1 shortly.

Bottom line is that like all good technology, Xobni has a fun element to it.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Shan

    I’ll think you’ll find it’s you, yourself. 😉

  2. greenskeptic

    Funny that you can’t think of who it may be…and that your partner, team, and wife — all of whom should be in the running for #1 — are not the top. Who would you email more? Your kids?BTW, how did Gotham Gal take the news that she’s not #1?

    1. greenskeptic

      Oh, and why do I have to sign in/fill in all my info if I’m already logged into disqus? That’s annoying.

      1. obscurelyfamous

        Hi greenskeptic, you aren’t logged in right now. You have an account but you may have logged out or cleared your cookies.

        1. greenskeptic

          Actually, I was/am logged in — when I click on “login to claim comments” status shows logged in — but still doesn’t register on site.

  3. apple-ec2link

    The human brain could be an interesting platform to build on.

  4. Shripriya

    Is it Typepad? Because emails from comments on your blog count?

  5. leigh

    The work wife is number one not the real wife?

  6. jeremy liew

    Like Shan, Xobni found that I am my own #1 email relationship as I often CC myself on emails and email myself with to do items

  7. Jen

    Fred, there’s nothing cool about Outlook.

  8. Jeff Clavier

    If you have uploaded some of your old Flatiron Partners, this might be your #1 as well.

    1. Jeff Clavier

      I meant Flatiron Partners “email”.