I Love Amazon

In our home, Amazon is the equivalent of the shopping mall. I was playing golf with Josh last weekend and he said he wanted to buy some golf balls. I told him he should pick out his favorite brand and buy a case of them. His reply was "I’ll go on Amazon when we get home". That’s the way it is in our home.

And today, we got to add digital downloads of mp3s to the list of things we can buy on Amazon. It works just like eMusic. You install a small "downloader" on your machine and after that the experience is just like buying anything else on Amazon. You can check out via One Click and within minutes all the files are on your laptop, in mp3 format so you can play them wherever you want, including a Sonos system.

I bought my first record via download on Amazon today. Challengers by The New Pornographers. We’ve been listening to it on Rhapsody and the kids want it on their iPods and I want it on Sonos. It’s not on eMusic and it’s not on iTunes in non-DRM format yet. But Amazon has it the way I want it. Awesome.

I love Amazon just a little more today.

#VC & Technology