One of my favorite twitterers is Raj Bala who posts under the name of 140orless.

Raj posts music reviews in 140 characters or less. That’s the perfect amount of information for me. Last week, this note popped up on my desktop:

Irene – Long Gone Before Summer: If you love Jonathan Richman and The
Magnetic Fields, welcome to your new obsession. You’re welcome.

Well the mention of Jonathan and Magnetic Fields in the same sentance led me to a manic web search for this band called Irene. It wasn’t easy. Irene doesn’t have a lot of fans here in the US. It was even harder to get an advance copy of this new record called Long Gone Before Summer.

But Raj was right. It has become the new obsession in our home. Everyone loves it.

The entire record needs to be listened start to finish. There isn’t one standout track. It’s the flow of the music that makes it so great. That said, here’s the opening track.

By Your Side – Irene – Long Gone Before Summer

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Chris O'Donnell

    If you are a fan of short music reviews you might enjoy where we review albums in 20 words or less.

  2. Greg Pass

    Nice track. The off-key yet emotive singing reminds me of Wedding Present and early Moz.Singing pretty crushes the spirit of so many songs…

  3. RacerRick

    Sounds like the Hartford Whalers themesong. (If you know what I’m talking about then you know what I’m talking about. It was a great theme song.)

  4. lindsaycampbell

    you mentioned that Irene wasn’t easy to find…where did you end up finding the album?LC