Kings of Leon At Radio City

  Kings of Leon 
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I went up to Radio City last night to join my two brothers at the Kings Of Leon show. Seeing that KOL is a family act, it seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

I must say that I much prefered the energy of the Roseland show we went to in the spring. Radio City just seemed so tame for these guy.

But they put on a very solid show. Highlights were The Bucket, closing the main set with a great version of Trani, and finishing the show as always with a killer version of Slow Night, So Long.

These guys are the real deal, a rock band that is not afraid to rock.

The Bucket – Kings Of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak

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  1. mc

    do you have the full set list by any chance?



  3. ryan

    KoL put on one of the best live shows around. I went to their show in San Francisco on 9/4 and it was awesome. Were BRMC and Manchester Orchestra still opening for them at this show?If not, since you’re a new music connoisseur, check out Manchester Orchestra. They’re an up and coming band out of Atlanta and their album is great.

  4. Worth

    Here’s a set list from Kings of Leon last night:’Four Kicks”Black Thumbnail”Taper Jean Girl”King Of The Rodeo”My Party”Soft”True Love Way”Fans’ ‘Arizona”Camaro”California Waiting”Molly’s Chambers”The Bucket”Milk”On Call”Spiral Staircase”Trani”Knocked Up’ ‘Charmer”McFearless”Slow Night, So Long’More detail here:

  5. Nat

    I’m checking them out tonight in Philly! Hope they put on a good show