Let's Go Mets

It’s a Sunday in late September and the Mets are tied with the Phillies with one game left. I wish I was going to be at Shea but I’ll watch on TV. It’s been a really tough couple weeks watching the Mets collapse and it’s a bit harder for me to watch them lately.

But one thing about this pennant race that’s been different is the way I’ve been able to share the misery via social media. Here are some (not all) of the Mets fans who I’ve been blogging and twittering about the Mets with this year.


I’ll be on Twitter while I watch the game today. So let’s share the joy or misery (Twitter Groups would be killer for this).

As Dave Winer told Jeff Pulver:

a true Mets fan savors every moment, win or lose. the klutzier they
are, the more mets-like they are. those are our boys. if you want to be
a mets fan you’re going to do a lot of crying, it’s an emotional game,
don’t try to over-analyze it. and it ain’t over till it’s over.