No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Yesterday morning I posted about Xobni, a new outlook plugin that brings the concepts of social networks to email to improve productivity. It’s a cool product and so far I am loving it.

The founders were kind enough to give me 25 invites which I offered first come first serve in my blog post. I quickly got 25 requests (in less than 2 hours). So I asked for more and got another 10. Xobni really wants to keep their beta small until they work the kinks out.

So yesterday evening, I sorted through all the emails and found the first 35 requests. I sent each person an email giving them the code and asking them not to share because I only had 35.

Sure enough, several of the people I gave invite codes to were not able to use them because by the time they tried it, the limit had been reached. I know I only gave out 35.

So one ore more of the people I gave the invite code to didn’t play by the rules. I guess I should have expected that but it still frosts me.

#VC & Technology