Research Recap

Investment research is a business I know a bit about. Back in 1993, I was involved in seed funding a company called Multex that basically invented the idea of online distribution of investment research. Multex was a big success, went public, and was sold to Reuters earlier this decade. The team behind Multex is now doing another startup called Instant Information which I am an investor and board member of. They aren’t focused exclusively on Investment Research but they do some interesting things with it.

I also provided the initial venture capital money to which I credit (Jim Cramer actually) with inventing the idea of blogging stocks and creating instant research.

The two are coming together. Is The Insider’s post about the iPhone price cut a blog post or investment research? It’s both actually.

So it makes sense that people are trying to merge blogs and investment research. Seeking Alpha‘s been doing that for a while. So has Blogging Stocks. So has Wallstrip. And many more stock bloggers who I’ve become friends with because of their blogs and mine.

The logical next step is to aggregate all that content and present it in a single place. Instant Information’s InfoNgen service can do that for you and if you are a serious investor, you should check it out.

Another of my portfolio companies (this one a Flatiron portfolio company), Alacra, has built a service called Research Recap which launched today. Here’s why Research Recap is worth trying.

1) its looks and feels like a blog.
2) you can subscribe to it via RSS
3) it aggregates a ton of blog content that is essentially investment research (search on apple and you’ll get The Insider’s post on the iPhone price cut)
4) the content’s not limited to stocks. it covers credit, investment, economic, market, academic and industry research, with tabs for each
5) you can subscribe via RSS to various categories of investment research

So if you care about the intersection of wall street and blogs, check out Research Recap. It’s in my blogroll now.

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