Rolling Your Own Mini Feed

My Facebook profile isn’t a bad start if you want to know what’s going on in my world. My twitter updates are in my mini feed. My blog posts are in the mini feed as notes. I’ve got a widget on there so you can see what I’ve been listening to lately. I’ve got my delicious links on there too.

It’s a good start, but it’s not exactly what I’d choose if I could create my own mini feed which I am working on and plan to launch shortly.

Yesterday I saw Eric Marcoullier’s version of a "roll your own mini feed". He used feed widgets from Grazr and put a mybloglog faceroll at the bottom (Eric is one of the founders of mybloglog). Here’s what it looks like:


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  1. vruz

    looks like iGoogle :-)looks like Excite circa 1998

    1. vruz


  2. Chuck Fishman

    I ditched Twitter after I realized that updating my Facebook status from a mobile is, at least to me, the same thing. I use the status update to do the microblogging essentially …

    1. vruz

      Well, actually it is not the same thing, it’s a lot easier to retrieve your user state from Twitter If you need to mash your state up with other external data, you’re out of luck using FB. (but you can do it with Twitter).Put simply: Twitter user state management is a superset of FB state management.In that tiny tweensy lil’ narrow (but rather important) market, Twitter is the king and will allow you to do anything with your state that FB allows you too. (I’m away ! I’m here, I’m back !) but you can’t do with FB everything you can do with Twitter. (update your status via texting)Facebook should fix this, because it’s broken, users who love Twitter want to update their state using Twitter, not the generic FB status. FB should let applications update the FB status.

  3. Jason Preston

    I have to say part of the charm of the mini-feed, at least for me, is how it rolls my different activities into one feed. I’d much prefer a sidebar widget that pulls my tweets, FB statuses, new apps, post headlines, comments on videos (in any service), etc, all into one list.I could pull my latest 10 activities on the internet into a little link box on the side of my blog.

    1. ifyoumakeit

      Trust me, dude, I’d much rather have just one feed. I tried that first, using pipes, but without an icon or some toher graphical differentiator to let users grok what type of content they’re looking at, it becomes brown stew. Thus, different boxes for each feed.

  4. dave

    Check out, which is a sort of profile-aggregator plus facebook-style news feed. Feeds are very basic right now, but we’re working on them…

  5. Mark

    I just registered!