Scene From My Morning Bike Ride

I was riding up the Hudson River Park bikepath today and came upon this scene.

Not one, but two cruise ships were docking at Pier 92 to let off their passengers.

Two Cruise Ships Arriving In NYC

The passengers were streaming out of Pier 92 and onto the bike path.

Cruise Ship Passengers Lined Up For Cabs

Cabs were lined all the way up the west side highway to 59th Street waiting to pick the passengers up.

Taxis Lined Up To Pick Up Passengers

It was wreaking havoc with the bikers and runners on the bikepath.

It reminded me of when I was a kid and we took a cruise ship back from my dad’s three year tour of duty in Germany. We took the SS United States and I think it took about a week (maybe less) to cross the ocean. I know we got off somewhere in New York City. I wonder if it was Pier 92. I think I was six years old, but I might have been seven. I remember the boat but have no recollection of getting off the boat in New York City.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Jill

    I have commented on your posts many times- yet I’ve neglected to mention that you take great photos! I’m impressed!

  2. Jeff

    I can remember making a similar trip as a child in the mid 70s to see my aunt and her family coming back from Switzerland aboard the SS France.

  3. Paul L

    Try a program called Snag It.