Last night Jackson and I went up to the Beacon Theater to see Scorpions. I brought a friend, he brought two. It was fun although I couldn’t hear after the show and my ears are still ringing this morning.

Back in 1979, Scorpions released Lovedrive, one of my favorite heavy metal records of all time. I saw them live back then with Jackson and Rod and probably dozens of friends (I honestly don’t recall). Soon after, I moved on from heavy metal and Scorpions faded into the back of my brain.

Last night was fun. I knew most of the songs and the band was into it and so was the crowd. As Jackson said, the band came to "rock you like a hurricane" and so they did. For a couple of guys who will be 60 next year, Klaus and Rudy can still rock. And they look great too.

My favorite moment was the instrumental off of Lovedrive called Coast to Coast. Klaus comes out with a guitar and you get four guys standing side by side jamming hard. It was great moment.

Pretty much just like this.

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  1. scottythebody

    Oh man! Thanks for linking to that. I just played it and my 3-year old daughter Maple just *loved* it — she was bangin’ her head as she played with her dolls across the room! You helped me wake a latent metalhead part of her! Awesome

  2. charlie gower

    I saw them support Judas Priest a few years back and they were much better than I thought they’d be, excellent in fact and yes I was deaf too for a little while. The Wind Of Change whistling still haunts me very now and then!

  3. jackson

    Yep, just like that.I too am a wee bit deaf still. It’s been some time since I’ve had this sensation.Just amazing. What a show.

  4. Paul Daly

    It was like a fine cheese.I loved the gong.My hearing is fine-guess those earplugs really work.

  5. Druce

    Porcupine Tree 10/13 @ Beacon… alt-rock with a metal edge, heavier than what you generally recommend, but less earplug-worthy than Scorpions… Trains a good single to start with … if it’s already been in heavy rotation my apologies…

  6. Aweng

    Thanks for that. Rock on, and rock hard!;)

  7. hadar

    Fred, thanks for linking to this post on my blog. While I watched a dozen Scorpions YouTube videos yesterday, I didn’t see the one you link to above, so that was a treat as well!I realize now that I have to dig through your archives to pick up other nuggets as well. Thanks again. 🙂