In a case of better late than never, has added search. It’s on the upper right on the home page.


It really opens up the service. So much of the value of is buried beneath the start page. My favorite part of are the place pages that host all the blog discussions about a specific place. This morning I searched for Pier 40 and got this Pier 40 place page. Which is a great summary of the current debate about the development plans for the "central park" of lower Manhattan.

Check out your favorite place in by searching for it. You might learn something.

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  1. Lindel

    Check out relative to your deal. Interesting little app for realtors or perhaps visitors to a neighborhood.

    1. fredwilson

      thanks Lindel. will do that.

  2. Fraser

    Recently, coming into NYC late in the evening I found myself craving a burrito. Weird, maybe, but I absolutely needed one. Quick trip to… and I found a local place blogged burrito joint. Completely fulfilled my craving.

  3. Christopher Herbert

    You blogged about this website in the past, and I remember thinking it was a cool idea.Then recently, I moved, and remembering your post, I searched for the location-based blog finder thingie. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I even searched your blog pretty extensively, but couldn’t locate it. Try googling “blog location service” or “blog by zip code”….Searching Outside.In definitely makes it better, but searching FOR Outside.In needs to be easier, too. (Don’t ask me how to do this!)Also, why not open it up for more cities/places? I now live in Stamford, CT and would love to see a page for Stamford blogs, even (especially) if mine is the only one)!

  4. Ian Geller

    Hi Fred-Speaking of Pier 40, I received the following email from the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation ( this morning:Urge New Hudson River Park Trust President to Reject “Vegas-on-the-Hudson”: This summer, the Pier 40 Working Group of the Hudson River Park Advisory Board voted overwhelmingly to reject Related Companies’ plan for a huge “Vegas-on-the-Hudson” style development on Pier 40 (see This summer Governor Spitzer also appointed Diana Taylor as the new President of the Board of the Hudson River Park Trust, the body which, along with the City Planning Commission and the City Council, must ultimately approve this proposal in order for it to become a reality. A decision by the Hudson River Park Board on the Pier 40 is expected as early as this fall. GVSHP recently wrote to the new Trust President Diana Taylor to welcome her to her new position, and to strongly urge her to reject the Related Companies’ mega-development plan for Pier 40, which we believe would have such a negative impact (see….HOW TO HELP:WRITE TO NEW HUDSON RIVER PARK TRUST PRESIDENT DIANA TAYLOR URGING HER TO REJECT RELATED COMPANIES’ “VEGAS-on-the-HUDSON” plan for Pier 40 — go to for a sample letter you can use.Thought you might want to pass along the info.

  5. T.A. McCann

    I am not sure how I never heard of this site, but it is great!. I live in south Seattle (98118) and it is awesome to get neighborhood news like this. Thanks Fred for another enlightening day!