Social Net Interops

Dave Winer has some good thoughts on why Twitter and Netflix should get connected. I agree completely.

Last week Hugh twittered that he had joined Dopplr. I had to surf over to Dopplr, find Hugh, and ask to follow his trips.

That should have been possible right from Twitter.

The web is going social but the interops aren’t there. We have to build them.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Michael Bailey

    I’m not sure what to think about this one Frank.Sure, it is possible, but where is the monetary motivation to spend a thousand hours developing the interops?How much time should be devoted to making all of the online services talk with each other, only to have a service close their doors because nobody is paying to use the service? Is the new social web totally funded by online advertising and the users get a free ride, or when when people actually pony up some cash to use the services which they claim are so beneficial to their daily lives?

  2. Nate Westheimer

    Fred, OAuth (Open Authorization) was announced last week which helps create this “interops.” was one of the signing parties.

  3. Michael Bailey

    I left out, “to be” as in, to be Frank.