Tattoo You

Some people have accused me of wearing my investments on my sleeve. But that doesn’t hold a candle to Dave Morgan and Rich Levandov who are getting the TACODA logo tattoo’d on their bodies somewhere.


Robert Buderi has the whole story on the Xconomy blog.

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  1. Jay Grieves

    I have mixed feelings about this for 3 reasons: 1: The tattoo is more of a punishment than a desire. 2: It’s going “somewhere” not “somewhere where everyone will see it”. 3: The company is already a financial success so it’s being worn as a boast rather than as a badge of honor. Having said that, I think it’s great that he’s following through with his commitment and maybe I’m just jealous of their success! As a point of reference, mine came out of love for the company/logo, was applied at the start of our battle, and will serve as a very visible reminder of the outcome . . . whichever way it goes: