The BradBug

I talked several weeks ago about the FPhone, the mobile phone that I’d build if I could.

Now my partner Brad has weighed in on the Union Square Ventures blog with the Bug that he’s going to build when Bug Labs launches later this year. It’s not a phone. It’s a device to make biking around the boroughs of New York City more interesting. He’s wanted it for years. And now he’s going to make it.

As both posts point out, there are some of us who will never be satisfied with the products brought to market by the large consumer electronics companies. We want something different for which there is no mainstream market for. On the web today, we simply build it. And sometimes it turns out that lots of others wanted it to. We hope that Bug can unleash that kind of world in consumer electronics. We’ll see. But at a minimum, Brad’s going to get his BradBug.

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