The Kooks

The Kooks were going to warm up for the Arctic Monkeys last night at Summerstage, but apparently they couldn’t get their visas figured out so Voxtrot filled in. I was happy to get a chance to see Voxtrot, but we are on a major Kooks obsession in our house right now and that would have been quite a combo.

Eddie’s Gun – The Kooks – Inside In/Inside Out

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  1. john

    I though it was The Coral? That’s why we bought tix and why we didn’t go..

  2. Eric Stern

    Nice. Just happened to be listening to Voxtrot when I read this as I am on a Voxtrot kick… How are they live?

    1. fredwilson

      voxtrot sound just fine live but they don’t have the kind of energy that makes for a killer live show

  3. obscurelyfamous

    Arctic Monkeys are awesome and The Kooks get some decent playtime on my playlist as well… I’ll have to give Voxtrot a try then.

  4. adam still

    Fred, I got turned onto your blog by my brother (Jared Still, 30 is the New 20/ who said I would love your music taste! So far he’s been right!Two things for you, if you don’t already, try and buy, burn or download New Zealand’s, Fat Freddy’s Drop, “Based on a True Story”. If this album came outin the states, it would set up shop on the Billboard charts..BTW, if you like that, check me out at…great blog!Adam S