The "Obama Republican"

  Obama – NYC 147 
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Barack Obama came to NYC yesterday and had a large rally in front of the Washington Square Arch. I wasn’t there but heard he was quite good.

Later in the evening the Gotham Gal and I attended a small gathering of supporters and potential supporters (with us in the latter camp). It’s the kind of event I’ve been looking to attend for the past nine months. I want to look the person in the eye before supporting them and asking others to do the same.

To be honest, I’d be fine with either Barack or Hillary as the next President. My dream is Mike Bloomberg but unless he gets in the race, my support is going to Barack or Hillary. I’ve tried to like the Republicans, but I’ve had the opportunity to watch Rudy in action for 8 years and its ugly. McCain is compelling but seems to have shot himself in the foot with his position on the war. Romney has moved so far right on social issues that there is no way I could support him.

But back to Barack. He made a number of comments to the group that he talked to last night that I liked a lot. But one thing he said really turned me on.

He talked about the need to govern our country with a real majority, to move beyond Presidencies that govern with "50+1" majorities. He talked about how Reagan enjoyed "Reagan Democrats" and claimed that he could assemble a large group of "Obama Republicans".

Is that true? I’d like to hear from all the Republicans who read this blog. Can you see yourself getting behind Obama?

Because if he’s right about being a leader who can speak to people with different beliefs, who can bring our country together, then his candidacy is compelling. Frankly that’s what I want in 2008 and that’s why I’ve been so eager to see Mike Bloomberg run.