The Veils At Bowery Ballroom

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At the end of a late night The Gotham Gal and I stopped by The Bowery Ballroom to catch a piece of The Veils’ set. As we were getting ready to head upstairs to the show we bumped into our friend Mark (aka Mediaeater) who had his Canon EOS in hand. We went up the back stairs, got right at the foot of the stage, and Mark disappeared into the crowd. This photo, among others, is the result.

We left early to help Jess with her NYU homework (she’s taking an NYU course this semester) and only caught the first part of the show. But I really like Finn Anderson’s voice and stage presence. Here’s a live version of the song "Advice For Young Mothers To Be" from the "Black Sessions".

Advice For Young Mothers To Be – The Veils – The Black Sessions

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  1. mediaeater

    thanks for the photo credit ! great seeing you – the rocking fall has started!

  2. mathew johnson

    Advice appreciated: I am thinking about going to see Rilo Kiley at Webster Hall on the 22nd when I am in town from Seattle – but Webster Hall doesn’t seem like the nicest venue – definitely not a small, cool club, and I like Rilo Kiley’s previous album a lot better than what I’ve heard of the latest one.But I still can’t decide whether to go while I am in NYC

  3. Steven Kane

    “at the end of a late night” then “we left early”…?

    1. fredwilson

      i should have said long night, school event, then dinner with friends, then the show, then helping jess with her homework. it ended up as a late night 🙂