Time Off

My friend Brad Feld takes a week "off the grid" every quarter. I have never gone to that extreme and generally am online at least once a day even when I am on vacation. But I think that Brad’s approach has some merit. I’ve done very little email this week, just enough to stay on top of the really important stuff, and my blogging has been light too.

The weather out here in long island has been as good as I’ve ever seen it. Just an incredible string of beautiful days and nights.

The time off has been good. I’ve got two more days of it and then back to reality. I sure hope the weather hangs on for another couple days.

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  1. tso

    Fred…Have a good break. I’m trying the same this weekend. If all goes well, you won’t be seeing this comment for a good while. And the same goes for me…

  2. Michael Hoffman

    Fred, speaking of vacation… there was an interesting article in the Times today (or yesterday) about IBM having a vacation non-policy. Take what you want, as much as you want… as long as your supervisor is OK and you get your work done. (The story basically said that the result for many at IBM is to work on your vacation or not take any.)While I have always put a vacation policy in a handbook, I have never really accounted for people’s days. I also have tens of employees, not tens of thousands. But there is something to the idea of treating employees like grown-ups.