Well That Sucked

I agree with Charlie.

Being a Jet and Met fan today was brutal.

Good thing I don’t do that for a living.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Robert Seidman

    I’m speechless about the Mets. their performance down the stretch was pitiful and surely must irk you even more than the iPhone. The games are designed to break our hearts, and on that note: Go Cubs!

    1. andrew

      I used to feel the same way when my Sox & Pats used to break my heart on Sunday’s. Thank God that’s over.

  2. Mark Collier

    beltran curse

  3. jackson

    Will sundays continue to suck?

  4. Jerry

    Hello from the Bronx of the mind…I know it was hard for all you Mets fans; collapsing ain’t ever easy–at least you didn’t fold to the Red Sox. You’re always welcome back at our house; baseball in October in the Bronx. Aaah.

  5. ben

    this mets ending was horrible.. it’s one of those times where i feel worse to be them than to be me. i can’t imagine what david wright’s off-season will be like.trying to look forward, we need an upgrade on our starting pitching – full stop. next year:john maine<fill in=”” the=”” blank=””><fill in=”” the=”” blank=””><fill in=”” the=”” blank=””>

    1. fredwilson

      i’d keep ollie and get him a shrink