Who Owns Your iPhone?

I have not yet used the iPhone my family gave me almost six weeks ago. I’ve been trying to unlock it and have been wary of most schemes that have been offered to me. I want to be able to run MY phone on whatever network I want to run it on. I will unlock it soon and then give it to my daughter to run on her T-Mobile account.

That said, the reports that Apple is "bricking" phones with their 1.1 update are outrageous to me. I realize that Apple has a business deal with AT&T and they make it very hard to unlock the phone as a result. But honestly they shouldn’t be destroying phones that have been "hacked". That’s obnoxious. Very few iPhone users are going to go to the expense and hassle of unlocking their phones. Apple should know enough to look the other way on that kind of activity and let it exist as a "gray market".

Saul Hansell has it right in his blog post. He says:

Since the iPhone is a very sleek, capable handheld computer, people are going to want to run programs on it. They are going to want to hack and see what they can build. It’s
a law of nature. And Apple might as well be fighting gravity.

More than that, Apple is destroying goodwill that they enjoy in the geek community. They’ve gone from being the cool company to being the evil company.

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