A Two Year Old Feature Request Fulfilled

There aren’t many things more satisfying to me than a feature request being answered.

That happened just now.

For the past three or four years I’ve been receiving all of the comments on this blog via email. I tend to post early in the morning and then am away from a computer for most of the day. The comments come streaming in and I want to reply to them but clicking through on a link on a mobile phone and replying via the web is not that easy to do. So I let them pile up and by the end of the day the conversation has settled down and I don’t feel like replying to the comments anymore.

So I asked typepad/six apart for a feature several years ago. I wanted to reply to the emails and have the reply posted as a new comment. They thought it was a good idea but somehow it never made it to the top of the priority list. Maybe I am the only one to request it.

Enter disqus.

About six or seven weeks ago, I switched comment systems from typepad to disqus. It wasn’t the most popular move although they seem to have converted jackson, their most vocal critic.

When I switched, the comments stopped coming via email. It wasn’t part of the initial feature set. So I asked them for email comments. But I also asked to be able to reply to the email and have that reply posted as a comment. They said "sure, it will take a little while to do that, but we’ll get it done".

It happened today. It works. I will take the "number one commenter on this blog" trophy from jackson in a matter of weeks.

Blackberry comment replies. The killer app for bloggers. Brought to you by disqus.com. Awesome.

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  1. BobWarfield

    Very cool!So now we can tie Blackberry to blogs. I’ve proposed Blackberry and Twitter ought to merge and go after mobile access to all of these kinds of things, it would make sense to have this capability too:http://smoothspan.wordpress

    1. fredwilson

      Bob – I read your post. i think its a bit early to see twitter do anything like that, but i certainly understand the argumentfred

      1. numerosiete


    2. fredwilson

      That’s a cool title to a post Bob, gotta go read that

  2. Julien

    that’s a great feature, it will help the conversation flow!I’ll get in touch with Disqus to see if we have Disqus set up on our Brazilian blogs (we need it in Portuguese)…

    1. fredwilson

      I am sure they’ll be happy to here from you

  3. Scott Yates

    Amazing that it took two years to get something as seemingly simple as this. Way to go.

  4. Andy Swan

    Very cool. Quick note though–be sure your blackberry signature doesn’t have info in it that you don’t want posted on the internets 🙂 Learned the hard way while updating Flickr from berry :)Maybe they can add another feature that filters out the signature or “sent from my bullshit carrier wireless device” auto-sig?

  5. Mukund Mohan

    I am missing something. Why do you want to be the #1 commenter on your blog? Why dont you just blog about the questions / discussions in your comments section?

    1. fredwilson

      i used to do that but i think participating in the comments i a lot better

  6. Miguel

    I’ve never posted on your blog before but I was impressed enough that I thought I would give a *thumbup* to disqus for handling this… nice job fellas…miguel

  7. jackson

    Oh shit, I do belive you’ve dropped the gauntlet.Okay, I can handle that action.Let the games begin.

    1. fredwilson

      You are starting with a huge lead. But I’ve got the dvantage now with my blackberry firing on all cylinders

  8. darrylxxx

    Liked it so much I bought it! 🙂

    1. fredwilson

      Exactly. At least a small part of itFred