A Two Year Old Feature Request Fulfilled

There aren’t many things more satisfying to me than a feature request being answered.

That happened just now.

For the past three or four years I’ve been receiving all of the comments on this blog via email. I tend to post early in the morning and then am away from a computer for most of the day. The comments come streaming in and I want to reply to them but clicking through on a link on a mobile phone and replying via the web is not that easy to do. So I let them pile up and by the end of the day the conversation has settled down and I don’t feel like replying to the comments anymore.

So I asked typepad/six apart for a feature several years ago. I wanted to reply to the emails and have the reply posted as a new comment. They thought it was a good idea but somehow it never made it to the top of the priority list. Maybe I am the only one to request it.

Enter disqus.

About six or seven weeks ago, I switched comment systems from typepad to disqus. It wasn’t the most popular move although they seem to have converted jackson, their most vocal critic.

When I switched, the comments stopped coming via email. It wasn’t part of the initial feature set. So I asked them for email comments. But I also asked to be able to reply to the email and have that reply posted as a comment. They said "sure, it will take a little while to do that, but we’ll get it done".

It happened today. It works. I will take the "number one commenter on this blog" trophy from jackson in a matter of weeks.

Blackberry comment replies. The killer app for bloggers. Brought to you by disqus.com. Awesome.

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