Ben Kweller is 26

I said I thought he was 23 or 24 in my 30 from 30 post yesterday.

My friend David told me Ben was older than that. And I went to wikipedia and David’s right.

Ben’s 26. But he’s still the best singer songwriter of his generation.

David’s company Baeble Music records live music and puts it on the web.

Here’s a Baeble Music video of Ben’s song On My Way from his late July show at Southpaw in Brooklyn.

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  1. Andy Brudtkuhl

    I wouldn’t say he’s the best singer / songwriter of his generation – Conor Oberst rings a bell. Could maybe throw Jeff Tweedy in there but he may be a little too old for that category.

    1. fredwilson

      I love conor too but ben’s songs make me sing along to them. Conor’s don’tFred

  2. Josef

    I love Ben – been friends with him since he was 14. I would also say Patrick Wolf if one of the greatest of his generation as well.

    1. fredwilson

      been listening to Patrick Wolf on this suggestion Josef and I like him. thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Andy Gadiel

    Love bk – new album soon.

  4. Phil B

    Cool company. Notwithstanding the argument for subscription music, I’ve always wondered why record labels don’t make every song of every band at every live performance available on iTunes, eMusic etc. It would allow people to buy the live versions of songs at the specific gig they went too and I think a lot of people would end up buying multiple copies of the same songs because they were at a gig or heard a particular gig was especially great from their friends – it would package nostalgia in with the song – every band would have their own long tail of content.I’ve always assumed I am missing something big here, I know I’ve thought of a few reasons why this wouldn’t work in the past but I’ve forgotten them again, this idea just keeps coming back.

  5. Steve Poland

    “Best” — that’s balls to say, when there’s Conor Oberst and Sufjan Stevens.Not to mention Ryan Adams, Ani Difranco, lead singer of Beirut, Damien Rice, and Jens Lekman.Did you get a chance to listen to that mix CD I burned you? I put some really good stuff on there (IMO) that you’ll like (given your tastes) — Midlake, The Silent Years, Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s, Malajube, Archie Bronson Outfit, The Stills, South, Lapush, Alexi Murdoch, Bel Auburn, and Page France.

    1. ryan

      Jesus. I came on to reply that you overlooked Ryan Adams, but what do you know? Steve beat me to it. Nice work, Steve. Ryan Adams (and yes I’m biased. he’s my favorite of all-time) is the best singer, songwriter of this generation.Who else can you name that has been called this generation’s Dylan?BTW, Jeff – I love that you find a way to incorporate music into your blog. Love it.

      1. fredwilson

        I thought conor oberst is this generation’s dylanFred

    2. fredwilson

      I did listen steve and I really enjoyed itBut I stand by my man ben. There are a lot of talents out there but I think ben writes the best songs of the sub 30 songwriter crowdNow if alex turner decided to go solo and become his generation’s paul westerberg, I might have to change my mindBut the great thing about a blog is its one person’s opinion out front and everyone else’s in hereFred

  6. Brian

    I totally agree! I remember when I first listened to Ben Kweller when he released his first EP Launch Ramp, when he was just 20. I think I was 19 at the time. So raw. So fresh. Awesome. I saw him perform shortly there after. Tried to get him into the radio station that I worked at in Madison for an interview, but my show’s time slot didn’t mix in well. But so awesome!Anyway, thought you might finding this interesting. It’s from the meebo blog:'s about being able to form a team for a startup. It’s been one of the struggles I’ve been facing with this party 4 a cause thing. My team – Connie (the girl in the pic) and Amy are all moving away in the next 2 months. Any advice? Also, love the blog! Really cool and insightful. Thanks for writing!

  7. Steve Holcombe

    What kind of blog allows you to subscribe but then provides no mechanism for unsubscribing? This one. Somebody please unsubcribed [email protected]. Thanks!

    1. fredwilson

      SteveI have unsubscribed you, but each and every email that is sent out by thisblog has an unsubscribe link in it.That’s the law and its not very hard to click on that link and unsubscribeyourself.fred

  8. Sean Kingston

    I could of sworn he was alot older than that, anyway.

  9. Chipotle

    One of the qualities that serves Kweller very well is that he is a genuinely nice guyEarlier this year, my then 17 year old daughter and I went to a Ben Kweller and Gomez show where those under 21 were relegated to the balcony. It was obvious during Kweller’s set that his most passionate fans were in the upper level. After his set, Kweller went up to the balcony, hung out, chatted, and took pictures with everybody. He certainly made a lot kids feel very special that night.Given the quality, range, and prolificacy of his song writing, I have to agree with those that nominated Ryan Adams for the title of Best Songwriter of His Generation.

  10. Jay Parkhill

    I just checked out Ben. Nice-thanks for the tip. He reminds me of Brendan Benson too, though I might like Ben a little better- Brendan seems too caught up in devising clever wordplay.

  11. Hexdek16

    Not that this is relative to Ben (great music BTW) but a note of thanks for the post as I found an interesting sound from a group called “I’m from Barcelona” on Thanxs.

  12. Shannon

    I LOVE BEN KWELLER! You all are very right his songs ar catchy and I love his Smashing Pumpkins cover song. I think he does it justice! I cannot wait to watch him perform on Last Call with Carson Daly. I am hoping that he plays Penny on the Train Tracks! Check him out! I’m sure that we will all be singing along!Shannon

  13. Guest

    Here’s one I just came across that needs to be added to the list. David Dondero. He’s older than Ben Kweller and that crowd. But Bright Eyes lists him as a major influence. And if we agree that Bright Eyes is important, this makes Dondero pretty indispensable.