Bug Meetup In Boston Next Tuesday

Back in August, I mentioned that our portfolio company Bug Labs, which is developing an open source hardware system, was going to take its show on the road and do meetups around the country.

Next Tuesday, they will be in Boston. Here are the details:

Tuesday, October 9th, team Bug Labs is hosting drinks at Middlesex Lounge
in Cambridge, from 6-9pm.  No RSVPs required (although you are welcome
to comment!), no special guest list, no hidden links.  All are welcome,
and we look forward to seeing you there.

If you live in Boston and like to hack hardware and/or software, are interested in an open consumer electronics platform, or just like to do technology related meetups, you should go.

#VC & Technology

Comments (Archived):

  1. greenskeptic

    Very interested. Brad and I brainstormed a bit around the Mongolia project I brought up at Hacking Philanthropy. But can’t be in Boston next Tuesday. Let me know if something similar gets going in DC or Philly.

  2. /t

    Any chances to get openPhone hardware kit?

  3. Josh

    Can’t wait.

  4. Andrew

    I don’t get it so perhaps I will come to learn about the mission. Software hacking I get, hardware hacking is something I don’t.

  5. Alex Iskold

    Here is the a question, though… Would the game be still worth it for VC. I mean I am sure that there are numbers in the equation that would make it work, the question is would the market stabilize around these numbers.The danger, as Paul, points out, with 10,000 applications all looking for 25K is that it becomes a big gambling table where you might not have time to even think about where the chips are being placed. Not sure this model can work.

  6. DanInCambridge

    Middlesex Lounge? La-di-da. Will be there.