Chrome Dreams II

Chrome Dreams II Neil Young has a new record coming out this week called Chrome Dreams II.

Back in the mid ’70s, Neil worked on a record called Chrome Dreams that never saw the light of day. That record had Pochahontas, Like A Hurricane, and Powderfinger on it. Here’s a blog post that has the entire track listing and the original tracks from Chrome Dreams on it. That blog post alone is reason to get the download them all firefox plugin!

Chrome Dreams II takes its inspiration from the Chrome Dreams project. I listened this morning on Rhapsody which apparently got a preview of the record. The CD comes out on Tuesday. It’s always hard for me to form a reaction on first listen, but this is a strong record. It was recorded using analog gear, with Crazy Horse drummer Ralph Molina, pedal steel guitarist Ben Keith, and Rick Rosas on bass.

If you are a Neil Young fan, you have to get this record. If you aren’t, hold off, and I’ll let you know after a few more listens.

Here’s my favorite track so far, an 18 minute jam called Ordinary People (hype machine link).

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