Disqus Officially Launches

Yesterday the comment system that I’ve been using since the late summer, Disqus, officially launched. They call it "public beta" but that’s just a way of saying there are still some imperfections in the service. It’s live and anyone can use it.

For those who have been using it on this blog, I have two things to ask of you.

1) please let us (me and disqus) know what you think of the "beta version" that is now running on this blog. please leave me a comment. Daniel is making a run at Jackson for most frequent commenter so he’ll see all of your thoughts.

2) please go into your disqus settings and do a few things:

    – put up a picture/icon/avatar. ever since i whacked typepad comments, we’ve lost the myblog log integration which put your photos next to your comments. i miss them.

    – in the "notification settings" change the settings so that you can be alerted via email (sms soon) when someone replies to a comment you made. I do that a lot (thanks to disqus’ cool email reply feature) and you might want to know if I replied to a comment you made on this blog.

Hosted third party comment services are here to stay. Andrew has Intense Debate on his blog and I like that service a lot too. The next step is getting all these third party comment systems to interoperate so that having a profile on one of them is like having a profile on all of them.

#VC & Technology