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Have you ever wanted to download all the mp3s on a web page with one click? Well I found a Firefox extension today that does just that. It’s called download them all and with a right click (ctrl click on a mac), you get a popup that lets you select all the links on the page and download them.

I found it because Jess and her friend went to see Of Montreal last night at Roseland. The Gotham Gal and I could not go because we had a friend’s 40th birthday party.

Jess was telling me how great the show was so I went to nyctaper and sure enough he had the roseland show in flac. And he was recommending download them all. I installed the extension, got the flacs and we just listened to the show together while watching the Jets blow another game.


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  1. harpos_blues

    Fred,You’re on a Mc, so it’s just as easy for you to use the time-honored *NIX tools. Lynx is a text-based web browser that’s been around from the very early days of the WWW, just navigate to the URL, and grab the files you need. You can get Lynx here:…Alternatively you can use the *Nix command-line “wget”:… . wget for OS X is here: . DarwinPorts is an adaptation of Debian’s “fink” for OS X.Both Lynx and wget will be more efficient than a Firefox plug-in on OS X… so give them a try.P. S. I really admire the fact that you test all the technology that you post about in your blog, so I think you’re ready to try move away from the shallow end of the swimming pool :)Enjoy!

  2. Dhru Purohit

    Sweet! Hopefully it works on Flock.* Spoke too soon. It doesn’t.

  3. ifyoumakeit

    Thanks for the heads up, Fred. I could definitely use this when buying albums at Have you tried Peel (, also for Mac? You put in the names of music blogs you like and it *automatically* downloads all the mp3s — like a music feed reader. Great interface for listening to all the tracks too.