I’ve written a few posts over the past week talking about my new tumblog,

Qian asked the following question in a comment to one of those posts:

Fred, is going to be a superset of this site?  If so, I’ll change the feed in my RSS reader.

I haven’t been entirely clear about what’s on So let me change that.

On you will find the following:

1) all the posts from this blog, delivered via feedburner with feedflare including links to the comments with the number of comments in them. there will also be a feedburner ad every three posts, just like my feed. if you read this blog via feed, it will be exactly the same as that experience.

2) all my twitters in reverse chronological order, treated just like they are posts

3) flickr photos that I choose to highlight with a tumblr tag

4) delicious links that I choose to highlight with a linkroll tag

5) songs in heavy rotation via my feed

6) posts I write on the Union Square Ventures weblog

7) posts I write on the Newcritics weblog

8) the occasional video, photo, link, chat, or quote that I post directly to tumblr

Is that a "superset" of this site? Well that’s a good question. My twitters are displayed in the twitter badge, but only the most recent one. My flickr photos are in the flickr badge, but not in large format as a post the way they are shown at My delicious links marked with the tag linkroll are shown in the delicious widget on my blog but not right in the post stream in reverse chronological order. My widget is nice, but doesn’t link out to each and every song as it gets to a certain threshold in my listening history. I try to link out to the posts I write on the Union Square Ventures blog and the Newcritics blog, but those are links, not full posts. The occasional tumblog post will not be on this blog.

So the bottom line is you can get most of the content on on this blog. But if you want a true "lifestream" in reverse chronological order, then is the one for you.

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  1. Qian Wang

    Fred, thanks for the very thorough answer. Looks like it’s close enough to a superset for me. As long as I don’t miss any A VC posts I’m happy.