Hacking Philantrhopy Transcript

The transcript to the Hacking Philanthropy event we did a couple weeks ago is now online.

As Brad explains in this post on the Union Square Ventures weblog, there are a few errors in the transcription but they don’t get in the way.

If you are interested in how web technologies are likely to impact philantrhopy and social action, it’s worth a read.

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  1. bridgetwi

    WARNING: WET BLANKET ON GOOD FEELINGS. DonorsChoose is an excellent example of using new technology toward philanthropy. It is is a fine idea run by great people, who have the best of intentions. However, as someone who is very familiar with the workings of public school systems, I am totally totally shocked that no one from your group or your blog network (of all people!) is questioning the efficacy of these donations. You are supporting and upholding the largest, mismanaged, dinosaur juggernaut that there is! I would not qualify DonorsChoose as a great example of actually connecting donors to the right end users, the children of public schools. Do you think by funding history books for schools in the Bronx, you are guaranteeing that these kids learn history? Have you stepped foot into a Bronx public school? Some (not all) are horrible. Have you seen test scores for some of these schools? Is money and resources the major issue here? These kids need better educational options, not smart boards. For those on this blog, I assume many do not choose public schools for good reason. (even the Village schools which are pretty darn good, comparably). I know it feels good and right to help teachers who are severely under-paid, under-resourced, and under-respected but what is the real expected outcome? How about this for disruptive: Let’s start funding the hundreds of thousands (!) of NYC kids who are stuck in schools that are completely failing. Let’s give them the support directly and let them find better schools who will actually EDUCATE them.