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  1. Jason Preston

    I take it that’s your unlocked iPhone? On the old firmware? How well does it work?

    1. fredwilson

      it’s my iphone unlocked on v 1.1 of the iPhone software.but i gave it to my daughter Emily.i can’t use an iPhone as my everyday mobile device.

      1. joshwa

        > i can’t use an iPhone as my everyday mobile device.why is that?

        1. fredwilson

          Ota sync with outlook/exchange is not available. That’s the primary thing I use a mobile device forAlso I can’t type as fast on itFred

  2. Scott Yates

    I can see by the picture that while it is on T-Mobile, it also has no bars, which is half of why I was so happy to switch phones. (The other half is how great the iPhone is.)(OK, maybe 75 percent.)

    1. fredwilson

      none of my phones get service in our house. but i am getting the tmobile wifi curve which will let me make calls via wifi in my house. that’s why i love tmobile. they get it.

      1. candice

        fred, I got one of those a few weeks ago and it is the coolest thing ever. it’s so fast.(plus, the girls in my front office like it over their boss’s iphone.)

      2. Jeff Judge

        i just ordered one of those myself, thanks for the heads up.

        1. markslater

          so good things about the wifi curve …… hmm i only got the unlocked curve 2 months ago….

  3. kenjimori

    beautiful picture.

  4. Fred333

    Very nice. I wish I could unlock mine.

  5. Jim Larrison

    I love The Beatles!!! I wish you could buy on iTunes!!!

  6. Tobin

    I just unlocked my iPhone too for T-Mobile, it was fairly painless for the OTB 1.1.1 FW with iNdependence and AnySIM. However I am still having a problem getting the Edge network to work. =/ I’ll give it another go tonight. Wifi works great though!Can’t wait for the official SDK! Web apps are fun, but native applications are more fun.

  7. Anthony V

    Fred is such an outlaw with his iPhone unlocked and Beatles in digital…. 😛

  8. Rambler

    Haha, this is genious!! and soo true.