I Love Ween

I am listening to the HypeMachine tonight catching up on the day/email/stuff. The music is in the background. But then I hear a song that gets my attention. I go check Hype Machine to see who it is. WEEN. A new song from Ween! Oh man, that makes my day.

Stereogum has the post that generated the play on Hype Machine. And here’s the song, called Your Party.

Your Party – Ween – La Cucaracha

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  1. Lalit Sarna

    HAHAH…I read this post and ow I cant get push the lil dasies out of my head, I do not know where my CD or the MP3 is. Mission ween is on. Its on like Donkey Kong.P.S. If you find the time add your appreciation to weens doodlebox that I created 🙂 http://www.actonme.com/widg

  2. Bruce Barber

    Fred,Thanks for turning me on to more great music. (The list includes Kings of Leon, Josh Rouse, and The New Pornographers.)Perhaps you should consider creating a spinoff site–‘A DJ’…

    1. fredwilson

      I can barely keep this one going!

  3. jackson

    I bet if Lalit Sarna had bought a vinyl copy of that Ween record, he’d know where it was.

  4. Joe

    Good song. They played it at the Gene Ween show at the Gramercy Theatre a few months ago. Also, they’re back in NYC Nov 30 and Dec 1st at Terminal 5.

  5. Greg Pass

    I’ve never come down from 1991’s The Pod.

  6. rob

    Voo Doo Lady = Best Ween song ever!

    1. fredwilson

      That’s my favorite recordI love every song on chocolate and cheeseFred