Launch The New Hype Machine

Anthony’s not going to launch the new hype machine until he gets 10,000 people to show up there at the same time (I assume keeping your browser open there counts). He’s got 430 people right now, so he’s got a long way to go.

I’ve been playing with the beta and it’s a serious improvement, really a total relaunch. And it’s very slick. So do him and everyone a favor and point your browser here and go.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Justin Ward

    I’m waiting as well.

  2. ancym

    964 and counting…

    1. fredwilson

      At this rate it will take all week. We need to speed it upFred

  3. Chris H.

    Been using the beta and people will love it. 1,319 and counting…

  4. chris

    totally lame. I say boycott the site and have it never come back online. I mean, I love the site, but pulling a stunt like making 10000 people log on at once is like asking to fail. who does he think he is?

  5. jrmvii

    1984 and countingGreat viral marketing trick. This website is so good.

    1. obscurelyfamous

      I agree. I also think the hew HypeM is amazingly good.

  6. Christopher Ricca

    I’m opening it once in each of my browsers. I’m not sure if it is IP or cookie based, but it’s worth a shot 😉 . You should do the same.

  7. pete

    i love hype machine, but think it would be hilarious if 10,000 people thumbing around a new interface all at once crashed the site. I am sure they thought about that before this whole scheme kicked off, but it would be a nice payoff for those of us who have been waiting since we got to work this morning to check out the site.

  8. Casey Whitehead

    3471 and counting.. as a late comer to hype machine (just in the last week), super impressed by the tunes I’m hearing.. can’t wait to see the new version..

  9. Laaame

    Nobody likes to wait. Ex; bank/traffic jam/hospital.F”c ’em

  10. anonymous

    Could you detail the serious improvements at Hype Machine? Have you seen this comment thread:…???