Two of them launched today. In the ego driven world of blogging, that’s a big deal.

On the Bloggers’s Challenge leaderboard, I am in second, getting my butt kicked by Tomato Nation. Do I have to get my head shaved to win this? Please tell me no. I do want to thank the 15 readers who ponied up for good causes in my name. I’ll reciprocate if asked.

On Techmeme, I am 59th. Only 3 behind Scoble whose OPML file was used to build the service if you buy into the lore. I feel pretty damn good about that too. I think I am the sixth blog on the list done entirely by one person (not sure about that). Dave Winer is the first in that category, and deservedly so. And I beat Valleywag.

Lot’s to feel good about tonight. But mostly I am feeling good about the 413 kids whose lives we all impacted today. Thanks again.

#VC & Technology