Two of them launched today. In the ego driven world of blogging, that’s a big deal.

On the Bloggers’s Challenge leaderboard, I am in second, getting my butt kicked by Tomato Nation. Do I have to get my head shaved to win this? Please tell me no. I do want to thank the 15 readers who ponied up for good causes in my name. I’ll reciprocate if asked.

On Techmeme, I am 59th. Only 3 behind Scoble whose OPML file was used to build the service if you buy into the lore. I feel pretty damn good about that too. I think I am the sixth blog on the list done entirely by one person (not sure about that). Dave Winer is the first in that category, and deservedly so. And I beat Valleywag.

Lot’s to feel good about tonight. But mostly I am feeling good about the 413 kids whose lives we all impacted today. Thanks again.

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  1. Mathew Ingram

    Hey Fred — don’t feel bad. If you give me a few bucks, I’ll link to you and help you move up 🙂

  2. Michael Hoffman

    FredThis reminds me of how effective contests and challenges are generally. My friend and super blogger Beth Kanter won $100,000 in a Yahoo! challenge for the Sharing Foundation that works with kids in Cambodia. It was a competition to see who could raise the most using a fundraising widget from Network for Good.There are lots of ways to motivate people with these kinds of competitions. A simple way is a matching program. Give now and we will match it — but only for a limited time. People like to see their money leveraged.There is something going on now called the Peace Primary from the Ploughshares Fund. Vote for your favorite peace group of 12 online. And, oh by the way, it cost $1 for each vote, with all money going to the org you vote for.For anyone interested there is more here: http://blog.see3.net/?p=243

  3. vruz

    I bet there’s always some distinctive taste to it when beating Valleywag :-)Jokes apart, good job guys, it’s great and reassuring to learn there’s people who do care about the really meaningful things out there.Way to go !

  4. jackson

    Win or lose, you’re still a winner.

  5. Greg Clayman

    and best yet, this has introduced me to donorschoose.org and i love this site, service, and whole concept. will definitely be spending more time w/ these guys. great idea.