Leslie Feist with friends

I went through my obsession with 1234 back in April and blogged it then. I also gave her my top rating in the NY Magazine review I did this spring. I basically forgot about Feist this summer but the Apple commercial brought her music back into our home this fall. The girls are now obsessed with 1234. That’s cool with me, it’s a great song.

And I particularly like this rendition on Letterman with members of Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, The National, Grizzly Bear, and Mates of State in support. It’s cool that Feist comes out of the indie rock scene.

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  1. JA

    Feist on VH1 unpluggedhttp://www.vh1.com/artists/…

  2. Justin Ward

    I just learned this from a dude that works at Relix (and his blog)…She *actually* came out of the jamband scene, too. She did a track with The New Deal, a jamband from Canada, on their last album. Released before Broken Social Scene or her solo stuff took off. Who knew.And yes…it really is an amazing song.

  3. Jeffrey McManus

    What a great song — I thought I recognized A.C. Newman from New Pornographers in the chorus there.

  4. Ethan Bauley

    Yeah, that was good…the BSS performance of “7/4 Shoreline” (w/ Feist) on Conan is great…Check out the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s RIP IT on Letterman (July 2007):http://www.youtube.com/watc…Karen O…you can’t deny her. She knows how to work…it…out.That riff is monstrous. Letterman loves it, too 😉

  5. vruz

    Love her singing.I can’t stop singing and tapping and clapping to the tune of “Sea Lion”

  6. Michael Hoffman

    Very timely for me Fred. Got hooked on this from the Apple ad, tried to sell it to my 12 yr old daughter who, upon seeing the music video on YouTube, said “She can’t dance. Ick.” Which just broke my heart.

  7. Leni

    here’s an article about Leslie Feist: in a German magazine: Leslie Feist