Liveblogging A Startup

Charlie O’Donnell and his partner Alex are doing something that is quite brave. They are liveblogging their startup, Path 101. I am sure there is some stuff that they aren’t blogging, but when you are posting your monday meeting agendas, you are putting it out there.

Many of you probably know that Charlie was an analyst at Union Square Ventures from early 2005 to the summer of 2006. He was blogging before we hired him, in fact his blog was one of the many reasons we hired him. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I will be participating in the seed financing of Path 101. Charlie’s a special person and anyone who knows him will agree.

There are a lot of advantages to liveblogging a startup. It lets the world know what you are up to and prepares them for what you will deliver. In the case of Path 101, its described on their blog as:

Think of us as "" When you arrive at a big job board,
it asks you what you want to do and a lot of people simply don’t
know–from college kids to experienced professionals in career
transition. We’re all about career discovery and we’re going to provide
a community powered set of services around figuring out your
opportunity set and where you belong–from peer advice to personality
testing and collaborative filtering around career path data.

Yesterday, they posted what they need from LinkedIn’s new platform and API. That’s smart. Surely someone at LinkedIn is going to read that post. And maybe they’ll get some other people reading it and linking to it saying "yeah, we want that too". And it will help LinkedIn make their platform and API better and also build community support for the features they want.

I am adding Path 101’s blog to my blogroll and regular reading list. This is going to be interesting.

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