Bruce’s record, Magic, is out. No mp3 download on Amazon. Too bad. Because you should get it and listen to it this morning. It’s good, really good.

Here are some reviews from newcritics


The Shamus

Here’s my favorite track on the record, called I’ll Work For Your Love

I’ll Work For Your Love – Bruce Springsteen – Magic

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  1. Wesley

    Fred:You may have written about this before but how (from a legal perspective) are you able to feature a new Springsteen track on your site. Is it fair use?BTW, it’s much appreciated. But reading about RIAA suits I was curious.

  2. Mark Evans

    Great track!

  3. ppearlman

    i only listened once bc this album sucks so badly. its a good thing he cant sue himself for ripping off his own material …. amazing the acclaim. will likely win a grammy along w the lifetime acheivement thereby solidifying the profound sucktitude of these same 3 chords tortured for yet one more geriatric world tour… i hear u get a free bowl of soup when u buy this album… someone get this guy a walker…;)

  4. JA

    Springsteen hasn’t written a good song since the NEBRASKA album