My Listening Habits This Year

Joelaz did this for me. It’s spot on. This is my year in music. Wow. Thanks Joelaz!


Here’s a link to a larger view of this.

UPDATE: Joelaz says you just give this service your login and you can get one of these for yourself.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Jonathan

    Wow – that is cool! Is that from listens or just from tracking what you’ve been talking about?

    1. fredwilson

      it’s built on my data

  2. Fraser

    very cool. know what I always thought would be interesting? some service, whether implicitly or not – most likely a combination of the two, that displayed the progression of your music interests as certain flavours advanced and influenced a deeper interest into a genre.a band that I like now – let’s say of Montreal – has a sound that I wouldn’t have liked 2 years ago, but walking down a path of less-severe, yet similar sounding, bands led me to love their distinct flavour. It would be a cool to have a map of those progressions. Maybe a mash-up of’s data synthesized against pandora’s analysis of the sound of a band, outputted into a mind-map type display.

  3. Joe Lazarus

    The credit goes to this service called LastGraph… just ran their tool for your user name. It’s an excellent visualization tool for I hope they make a Flash version that you can explore online in addition to the PDF option.

    1. fredwilson

      yup, that’s the only thing i don’t like

  4. Jim Larrison

    Very interesting visualization of your music consumption. What we need now is the ability to view this across all media types: videos, music, websites, movies, etc…Of course leave the porn sites out.

  5. Dan Blank

    Fred: It is pretty amazing to see not just the consumption of media, but how it shapes your day to day life. I agree with the other commenter – that it will be interesting when you can look at more aspects of your life this way. Scary, too.

  6. Fred333

    That is a pretty cool graph.

  7. Irvin

    I wonder where the spikes come from. Variability in your free time, or new album releases?