The New Hype Machine

It got launched last night. So go check it out and let me know what you think.

I like the new interface even though there are less links above the fold. It’s much more pleasing to the eye.

But there are two killer features that make Hype Machine 2.0 a much improved service.

1) The "spy list" is a great new feature. I generally listen to popular and latest tracks. But spy gives me great results. I am not sure how that list gets generated but it’s good.

2) Favoriting is actually bookmarking. It builds a favorite list that you can listen to just like any other Hype Machine page. Here’s my favorite list. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The other cool thing about favoriting is if you give your twitter name, the hype machine will auto twitter the fact that you just favorited a song with a link to that song on Hype Machine.

I wrote a post recently saying that I don’t like favoriting music. But this is different. This is really bookmarking. It does something really useful. As Anthony explained in an email to me the other day:

I feel I don’t do it [favoriting] because on some level there is not enough incentive to do it.  What’s the value of a 5 star rating in itunes or a loved artist in What can you do with the stuff you favorited? On the flipside, there is plenty more incentive to favorite something in delicious.

We are making HM’s loved feature to work more like a bookmark of something you liked in the HM’s constant stream of content so it’s really easy to revisit things that caught your attention. Also creating it as commitment-free as possible (you can do it without an account and it’s really easy to ‘unlove’ something).

We’ve observed over the years that little things like getting the incentives right in a social system make all the difference in the world. Anthony’s focusing on the right things and that’s why the new Hype Machine rocks.

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