The New Pornographers at Webster

Sometime late in the summer, Steven Johnson said to me, "what do you think of the New Pornographers’ new record?". I said, "I didn’t know they had a new record out". He told me that I had to get it and listen, that it was really good, probably better than Twin Cinema which I loved.

The same week, I asked my sister in law what she was listening to. She told me she was obsessed by a song on the New Pornographers’ new record, called Adventures in Solitude.

You all know me and can guess what happened next. I listened on Rhapsody, got hooked, and bought the record, called Challengers, on Amazon’s mp3 store (my first purchase from Amazon mp3).

In the past month, I don’t think a day has gone by in our house that we haven’t listened to Challengers. It’s in permanent rotation right now.  And I’ve been blogging about this record too.

Which leads me to the point of this story. Some people involved with the band reached out to me after reading my posts on this blog. They didn’t ask me to take down the music. They invited me to be their guests at the show last night. And when I told them our entire family were big fans, they invited the whole family.

We went, of course, and the show was great. I honestly had no idea how big this band is. Four singers, something like ten members in all, all sorts of cool instruments.

It helps to see a band live. Of course, I’ve noticed the dual vocals in their songs. But seeing Carl Newman and Neko Case up there singing together, song after song, is a revelation. I like the band even more this morning.

Here’s a taste of the band’s live sound.

My Rights Versus Yours – New Pornographers – Live on Minnesota Public Radio

Thanks to Ashen Fluff for the mp3s in this post

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  1. David Beisel

    Raj Bala and I caught their show at the Roxy in Boston on Tuesday night. They’re truly a great live band, given all of the harmonies and layers of instrumentation and vocals. Neko Case’s voice was striking.

  2. Fred333

    I have not heard that group before, but I liked them. Might have to get some songs on the ipod.

    1. fredwilson

      Get the entire record. The whole thing is only 6.99 on amazon mp3Fred.

  3. Luke

    All of your NP posts paid off nicely for you, and also for the NP’s. I know I bought Challengers on Amazon’s MP3 service (which rocks) after the 3rd or 4th of your posts about it. I’m still digging it.

  4. Andrew

    They’re kind of an all-star band, so the line up fluctuates and changes both in people and in numbers. When I saw them live in SF on the Belle&Sebastian tour they only had 5 or 6 member. Plus, Neko was on her own tour, so she wasn’t with them (which was a downer). Still a great show though. I dig Twin Cinemas much more than the new album.

  5. Jeff

    Certainly one of my favorite bands out there right now. That touring lineup is usually the exception to the rule, though. Neko doesn’t tour with them all the time and the other guy (Jim something, his name escapes me) is an odd dude who also isn’t with them live most of the time. This is probably their best lineup, though. Just a terrific band.

  6. jackson

    I still see no improvement on the old pornographers.

    1. fredwilson

      maybe this story will change your mind about that…

  7. Raj

    It was a solid set, but I was hoping to hear something from Carl Newman’s solo record. Dan Bejar’s solo stuff is much better than his New Pr0ns stuff in my opinion. Neko’s solo stuff can be hit or miss. Todd Fancey put out a solo record (EP me thinks) that’s pretty good too. Catherine, who plays keys and sings, should be front and center — I can’t get enough. Don’t know how it was in NYC, but I could hardly hear her in Boston.

    1. fredwilson

      She sang adventures in solitude which is probably the best track on therecord

      1. Raj

        Totally agreed. It’s a defining moment on the record if you ask me — which is why I want more from her.

  8. Mark Collier

    oops.. I had hoped the seeqpod player would work on your comments… guess not.

  9. KelleyBeth

    I enjoyed the show so much– ‘The Myriad Harbor ‘was definitely a highlight for me from the new album!

  10. Evan S.

    I’m just reading this post now, but I typically don’t like the ultra pop sound that comes out of the new pornographers, save a few songs here and there. But, to the dismay of several friends of mine who know my taste well, and to my surprise as well, I have had this record playing almost non-stop. Second to that is Do Make Say Think–Winter Hymn Country Secret Hymn. Good post and I’m jealous that you got to see them, but I did see the Shout Out Loads when they came in May of ’05.