The Prospects

Vanity Fair has a story in this month’s issue about folk music featuring a bunch of Annie Leibovitz photo shoots with folk legends and folk newcomers. The Gotham Gal pulled out the page called The Prospects for me. They are Ben Kweller, Adam Green, Becky Stark of Lavender Diamond, and Fionn Regan. Here’s a picture of Annie getting them ready for the shoot on the streets of Brookyn.


If you read this blog, you know we love Ben Kweller, but we had never heard of the others. So using Rhapsody, we created a playlist called The Prospects on our Sonos system and we’ve been listening all afternoon. Here’s the deal.

Adam Green is an acquired taste and I am not sure I’ll acquire it. But he’s funny and fun.

Lavender Diamond is good. I love Becky’s voice.

Fionn Regan is fantastic. Love at first listen.

Be Good Or Be Gone – Fionn Regan – The End Of History

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  1. terrycojones

    Re Adam Green – be sure to also check out Kimya Dawson. Also, The Moldy Peaches are a combination of Adam Green & Kimya.

  2. Tyler Link

    I feel the need to tell everyone about Michael Mazochi. His absense from “The Prospects” is nothing short of a massive oversight. If you like Ben Kweller and Fionn Regan you will love Michael Mazochi. Do yourself a favor and have a listen at You won’t regret it.

    1. fredwilson

      ok, you’ve got me. i just put his two records on my sonos via rhapsody. listening now.

  3. Tyler Link

    Thoughts? If you like his stuff I can get you early access to his new album. It’s spectacular from start to finish. You know he is a New Yorker, as well.

    1. fredwilson

      I liked him but need to listen a few more times before I’ll know for surewhat I thinkfred

      1. Tyler Link

        It’ll grow on you. I’m sure of it. Thanks for taking the time to listen. A post would be much appreciated if you feel so inclined. :)On another subject….I like the ability to favorite music at The Hype Machine. I often find myself enjoying a particular song or band and days later I won’t be able to remember who it was I was listening to. It makes for a good substitute for my awful memory.The new beta is a vast improvement and much needed upgrade over the current website. You know what I’d really like to see them do is to reach out to people like me that promote, or attempt to promote, music on mp3 blogs. Crawling the blogs for mp3s and cross-referencing them with a database (Amazon, Muze, etc.) to determine which blogs post what genre of music would save a lot of time for promoters. I’d do it myself if I had the technical skills…

  4. nycphoto

    A bit late reading this, but I definitely second your recommendation of Fionn Regan. Heard him first on WFUV. I’ll admit, my attention was drawn because we have the same last name, although he leaves out one of the a’s. But I really liked his music. He was up for the Mercury Prize this year. But unfortunately didn’t win.