The Social Media Living Room

I credit  Jeff Pulver for introducing me to this term – Social Media Living Room. I love it.

For my kids, Facebook is their social media living room. It’s all they need.

But for me and my friends like Jeff, our social media living rooms are more complicated. Maybe that’s what happens when you become an adult. What worked in your bedroom as a teenager doesn’t work in your living room as an adult. You need more stuff.

In my social media living room, I have this blog and about a hundred others, I have techmeme, I have twitter, I have hypemachine and, I have flickr and delicious. Each and every day it seems I add another piece of furniture to my social media living room. And some of them are working together.

Today I saw on Twitter my friend Mark (aka mediaeater) favoriting songs in the new hypemachine and went to hypemachine and listened to his favorites playlist. Then I saw a friend join dopplr and visited their page and saw that I could invite my twitter friends to dopplr and did just that.

Stitching together our social media living rooms is not only necessary, it’s fun. And when your social media living room is filled with your friends, it’s almost as good as when they are in your real living room.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. SharpDee

    True so much, as said so. There’s another service like this, which is focusing only on cross-platform push messaging, like Twitter, but seems to be evolving to more features.. will it click or not, nobody knows..

  2. howardlindzon

    Interesting, but I would like to go back to my social media living room from college that had a stereo, a couch with a burn hole, a bag of weed and a phone.

    1. fredwilson

      Your Rodney Dangerfield moment howard! Happy birthday to wallstrip todayFred

  3. Fred333

    I wish I had my same setup in college too. Great article though. I see social media really starting to bring everything together on the web.

  4. juliaroy

    My social media living room is packed! I need three of me to network the room.

  5. Nate Westheimer

    My social media living room is my AppleTV. I watch a lot of YouTube on it and it totally changes — 100% — the YouTube phenomenon for me. Before I was just watching clips online, now it’s like I’m watching another family’s home videos, because it’s on my TV in my livingroom. And I’m “leaning back.” Weird.

  6. mediaeater

    So funny just got home from work where I told how the same story and how I interact with people, networks and data(“my crowd” sourcing) …when i go back to my virtual “living room” and I see your accounting of it . I love digital life when it flows like this.