Thundercrack The Boss Is Back

  Thundercrack My Baby’s Back 
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I took 3 of the Four Fellas to see Springsteen at MSG last night. The Four Fellas are a band made up of 11 year olds who have been playing together for 3 1/2 years.

They got to see a band that’s been playing together for 35 years, the E-Street Band, fronted by the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. The E-Street band is certainly one of the great american rock and roll bands (along with Jackson’s beloved Heartbreakers).

The show was classic Bruce, it got better and better, and it seemed like he didn’t really want to quit. The encores were the highlight  and a super long version of Thundercrack was tops of the night for me. Before the song Bruce talked about playing it in front of 150 people on a double bill with the Wailers at Max’s Kansas City. I sure wish the Four Fellas could have seen that. I wish I could of.

Thundercrack – Bruce Springsteen Live In Philly, 10-6-07

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  1. Weissman

    Typical Bruce show – meaning relative to anyone else it was amazing, near incredible. That being said, the best shows I have seen (granted 20+ years ago) where when he had something to prove to the world (Early years = Jersey kid gone wild; Born to Run = the savior of RnR; Darkness = my manager screwed me; River = flirting with pop and 30+ new songs; Born in the USA = the greatest live performer ever, anywhere in the world, etc).Maybe it’s age, maybe his number of songs/albums is too large to anymore represent something about Bruce vis a vis the world. Or maybe his listeners are just getting older too. But to me there was something missing (ok, it was Jungleland 😉 ) the last 3 or 4 shows relative to his best, or his better.

    1. fredwilson

      i enjoyed his Seeger Sessions shows last year more than last night. i loved the song he ended with last night. never heard it before. its got to be hard to play born to run, dancing in the dark, promised land, etc over and over again, night after night, and make it great every time.

      1. Weissman

        Any maybe that’s the issue right there — he is now in the “make my classic songs sound great, night after night” phase. Much harder.American Land — which closed the show — was really fun. And she’s the one had great energy, as did the whole show.

        1. Steve Poland

          He still plays his shows as if it’s the last show he’s ever going to play in his life. And they put twists on the songs — I just saw him Monday in Toronto; he played ‘Reason to Believe’ in a way I’d never heard before; and it was bloody amazing!I go to so many shows each year of various artists, but no one can touch Bruce still — and I’m 28. Bruce just has so much energy — and whips out 4 songs right in a row with no break, as mighty max is nailing out the last drums and Bruce is grabbing his next guitar, music still playing, Bruce on the mic — “1-2-3-4..”Anyhow, he’s still the Boss. And there’s nothing left in this world once you’ve seen him, except for seeing him again. We’re the lucky ones that can die tomorrow with a smile on our faces “ear to ear”. 🙂

  2. Dave Hyndman

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  3. Dave Hyndman

    I’m envious, Fred. I also read that at his recent gig in Ottawa, Canada, he was joined onstage for an encore by Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and Régine Chassagne. And they played State Trooper and Keep the Car Running. Would love to have seen that.Globe & Mail story here: http://www.theglobeandmail….(sorry about the empty post above; hit Enter too soon)DAVE

  4. Bruce Barber

    Fred,I laud your decision to provide a valuable educational experience to these young musicians.As we both know, one can learn “more from a three minute record, baby, than you’ll ever learn in school…”

  5. Fred333

    Sounds like a great show. Been a long time Bruce fan myself.

  6. Tony Alva

    If you wanted to give these young musicians a lesson in rock you should have taken them to that Scorpions show a few weeks ago.No slag against Bruce, I’ve got the new one in heavy rotation right now too, but they would have a new benchmark for what rock is walking out of that Scrops show.

    1. dankeldsen

      Wow, the Scorpions are still alive? Incredible. Saw them at one of the last “Monsters of Rock” in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Stadium many many years ago.

      1. fredwilson

        Rudy and klaus are alive and kicking. Jackson and I saw them a couple weeks ago at the beacon. Rock is certainly not dead!

  7. Geoff Judge

    Nice seats Fred! The Wed. night show was also over the top. Bruce may be looking a bit older, but his concerts build stronger throughout the night. Just a tad shorter than the old days. Loved hearing Badlands and Born to Run again, both played at a fever pitch with Clarence blowing that horn just like the old days. The tunes from Magic are classic Bruce. Girls in their Summer Clothes from the encore keeps ringing in my head.Don’t miss this tour.