Turn Something Bad Into Something Good

From Seth Godin today comes the story of an employee at Zappos doing an exceptional thing.

I am reminded of a scene in Danny Meyer’s book Setting The Table which I blogged about back in January. A woman had left something important at her home and realized it when she got to the restaurant. The hostess told her to relax, enjoy the meal, and she’d send a car to get the thing she left. I know I am not getting the story entirely right, but by desert, the woman had the thing she had left at home. Danny’s book is full of stories like this. And that’s why he is among the most successful restaurant owners of his generation.

And in a funny coincidence, my post about Danny last January includes a cool story about a gift of Yoyodyne stock. Which of course was Seth Godin’s first Internet company, where I had the pleasure of being an investor.

Seth and Danny are both special people who inspire others to be exceptional in their every day lives. I feel fortunate to know both of them.

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  1. Fred333

    So how is the stock doing these days? People are looking for that extra effort from services in life. Companies and businesses in the service industry that do this are going to very successful.

  2. markslater

    thats a great story.I had a similar experience with overstock. I won’t bore you with the details but the customer service was such a standout, i remember the episode even today. its amazing to think how quickly the e-comm industry has matured, that customer service is a key differentiator.

  3. Greg

    I actually just went to the store to buy a pair of shoes to show my support. Then emailed customer service w/ a link to the blog post and told that that’s what inspired me to make the purchase. Important for them to know that good news travels and can have real world results. Also I’m psyched to own a pair of these now: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/d… 🙂