Twittering Photos

If you follow my Twitters you may have noticed that I often post something I am doing with a link to a Flickr photo that shows where I am. I did that yesterday with the apple picking post and this morning with the rainy ride to lazy point post.

The photos come from my blackberry curve and often aren’t great but they do capture the moment. Most of the photos I’ve posted to Flickr in the past month have come from my Curve.

This whole curve to flickr to twitter thing is done using a service that Dave Winer built called Twittergram. He uses the Flickr and Twitter APIs to make the whole thing a snap. Dave opened the service up to anyone who wants to use it yesterday so you can try it out too.

Here’s some tips that you might find useful:

1) Sign in to flickr and then go to this upload by email page. Find the email address you need to send your photos to on that page and enter it into the address book on your phone (in my case the Curve).

2) On the same page enter a tag that you want all the photos that you send in from your phone to have. I use the word blackberry, but it could be twittergram, twitter, or something else.

3) I use MMS to send my photos to that flickr email address. I find it to be more reliable than email. In the MMS message, I put the twitter post I want in the subject line. That makes the twitter posts even shorter than the regular 140 character limit but I have not found this to be a problem.

4) When you sign up for the Twittergram photo service here, make sure to enter the flickr tag you selected for all phone uploads into the last field in the twittergram sign up page. That will allow you to continue to post photos to flickr via the flickr uploader without generating twitter posts for every photo. However, you will generate twitter posts every time you send photos in from your phone.

5) The upload to flickr via MMS is a bit flaky. About one out of every four or five times I do it, the photo never ends up on flickr. But I have found the twittergram service to be pretty reliable. If it gets from my phone to flickr, it always generates a twitter post.

That’s it. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

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