Wearing A Lot Of Hats

I woke up this morning and realized that I am doing about five full time jobs this week;

1) Managing Partner of Union Square Ventures. Hopefully you know what I do in this job.

2) Managing Partner of Flatiron Partners. Yes, Flatiron is still active and we have five really good companies in the portfolio.

3) Blogger – Like it or not, this blog could be easily be a full time job. It’s a full time job making sure it isn’t.

4) Community Activist – I’ve been sucked into the Pier 40 debate and not a day goes by when I don’t do something meaningful on this project. Yesterday I got to spend an entirely enjoyable hour with former NYC Parks Commissioner Henry Stern. Fortunately I have a Parks Name (woodrow) and that was my calling card.

5) Parent – The Gotham Gal is gone this week so I am doing double duty as mom and dad. I am loving it. Last night I got home, made dinner, cleaned up, helped the kids with their homework, watched a little TV with Josh, and took several work related phone calls.

My big problem in life is I can’t say no to good causes and good ideas. My partner in Flatiron, Jerry Colonna, says I need a life coach. Maybe so, but I sure am enjoying wearing so many hats this week.

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