Bug Labs - Photos

Our portfolio company, Bug Labs, released photos of the hardware modules, including the BugBase, yesterday.


Lot’s of chatter in the gadget and DIY blogs about it.

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* Gizmodo (with video)

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Chris Sivori

    Looks amazing. Would love to see an example device from some of the modules. That would really bring it together in terms of what’s possible. As pieces, I have trouble imagining what can be done.

  2. ErikSchwartz

    I want the bluetooth module and a servo motor controller. I want a proximity lock on my front door that sees my cell phone and opens my front door.I love that they’ve virtualized modules so you can develop and then buy hardware.

    1. fredwilson

      this is exactly why bug is so cool. there are literally thousands of ideas like this out there

    1. peteski

      “fully programmable”, yum.

  3. DanInCambridge

    Hmm, I “went” to the Bug + Bar event in Cambridge,ma a few weeks ago and left completely confused. I showed up at 7 and the event was from 6-9 and I didn’t get lost, the place was around the corner from where I live. I walked in, no one greeted me, I didn’t see any sort of sign or booth, I took a lap around, nothing. Wasn’t going to stick around to drink by myself so I got out of there. Something needs to be done about that at future events.

  4. Boris

    From the website: “For example, with BUG, you can easily assemble and program a GPS + digital camera device that automatically publishes geo-tagged photos as a web service. Integrating with an online photo-sharing service like Flickr is only a few more lines of code away, and now you have your own real-time, connected traffic-enabled mobile Webcam!”I’m sold. This reminds me of LEGOs that I used to build with all the time as a kid — with the programmable blocks you could attach and use to make mini robots. Then you could re-build it and use it all over again.Any idea on when the store will go live?

  5. issackelly

    It looks like bug is taking a page from the apple PR playbook. First “We are going to have a really innovative product” Second “Here, it will do XY and Z which will change your life” Third “It’s sexy and everyone will want some”. I mean, isn’t this supposed to be for developers? Let us play with it, or we’re going to settle for the less than stellar chumby for our toy projects.Also, disqus guys, check out http://avc.disqus.com/bug_l…I assume that you filter out a specific number of characters, but that doesn’t account for partial tags, if you could put in some checks for that it would help out tremendously on the beautification of your system.

    1. obscurelyfamous

      Fixed in development and will be online soon, thanks!

  6. joshwa

    This is OT, but I don’t know where else to post it.. lately your AVC posts are showing up truncated in the tumblr RSS feed, rather than fulltext.edit– looks like they’re *re*-appearing as excerpts.

  7. Lee Greenhouse

    I was a Lego addict as a kid. This is the first time I’ve seen anything I’d really like to play with as much as Lego.

    1. fredwilson

      That’s great to hear Lee. The software SDK is pretty cool too.

  8. mathew johnson

    As I understand it, the point of Bug Labs is more of a development tool/platform – but for hardware – not ultimately meant to be widespread end-user devices – the idea is to let technical people build innovative hardware faster by combining some of their own custom work with other pre-existing modules in interesting and non-obvious ways – just as happens with web development these days. The best combinations could then be distilled down into a non-modular refined version for end users. That’s a pretty big idea!-Mathew Johnsonhttp://www.blist.com/

  9. Greg

    O wow! When can I get my hands on these toys? This looks like the perfect instrument for my next Burning Man project!