Facebook Ads - I Got Some Clicks


What’s interesting is that my ad for the Union Square Ventures weblog is getting more impressions and the only clicks (if you show enough ads ………). And yet they have the exact same targeting and bid price. Hmm?

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  1. jeremy

    off topic, but is there a tumblr blackberry app?

  2. Chris Kennedy

    See my comments on how you are not advertising effectively.http://www.allfacebook.com/http://www.allfacebook.com/…The reason why your USV.com ad received more impressions is because it has a much higher CTR – Facebook estimates a minimum bid price based on the CTR of the ad. If your maximum CPC is below this minimum bid, Facebook won’t show your ad.

    1. fredwilson

      chris,i’ll increase my bid prices and see what that does. but i do have the same bid prices for both adsfred

      1. Chris Kennedy

        It’s simple: you have to bid higher for ads that have lower CTRs, otherwise Facebook will stop showing them.

  3. stone

    someone is clicking on this ad going to this site because they want you to write good things about their ill-fated ad system. this is an inside job. can you see anything about the referral URL that clicked?

  4. Joe Lazarus

    Hey Fred, I noticed your competition at First Round Capital is experimenting with ads on Facebook too…http://joelaz.com/post/1950…Thought their targeting strategy was pretty funny.

  5. Sebastian

    You really wonder why nobody clicks your ads on Facebook? Fred, out of the 16 million or so people you are targeting, little or none of them are interested in VC money. There’s more out there than Silicon Valley and whatever its equivalent in NY is called, there’s the average Joe. And he won’t give a shit, whatever you do.This doesn’t mean that FB SocialAds do work. It just means that ads for a VC will only be successful on a specialized niche website. Go to TechCrunch, if you want to get people interested in VC money. Go to Facebook if you want young people interested in Red Bull or Apple ads.

    1. fredwilson

      True, but I am only targeting the 32,140 people in FB who have declared aninterest in technologyFred

  6. Facebook Marketing Guru

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