Fear and Loathing Is Not A Great Brand Image

I know Apple is one of the most loved companies in the world. I know that my girls and my friend Howard have ridden Apple’s stock from pre-split $20s to 10-15x returns I know that the Apple lovers will hate me and flame me for what I am about to say.

My brand image of Apple these days is fear and loathing. I am afraid to upgrade to a new version of iTunes because it might make my music and video unusable or it might brick my iPhone. I am afraid to upgrade to Leopard because it might brick my MacBook.

I have a brand new iPhone sitting right next to me on my desk that I can’t figure out how to unlock and jailbreak now that it comes pre-loaded with 1.1.2 firmware. So it just sits there on my desk making me hate Apple more every day

Cable+itunes logo means I'm screwed-damn

Apple is an old school company. Instead of forcing Verizon to open up like Google does, they make a sick consumer unfriendly deal with AT&T here in the states and then proceed to replicate it around the world. Thank god there are governments in other parts of the world that are willing to stand up for the rights of the consumer

I fear Apple and I hate them. As much as Microsoft. Who I’ve hated for years.

Long GOOG. Not Long AAPL or MSFT

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