has a new look

My tumblog at has a new look and comments!.

Thanks to David and Daniel for their help with this over the weekend.

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  1. Bruce Barber

    Fred,This is great– I switched from the AVC feed to the feed for a couple of weeks back, and really missed the ability to comment when you “struck a chord”; something that can be as simple as the shared experience as freezing your butt off at a child’s soccer game. (Or, in my case, boiling in the middle of the winter at my son’s swim meets!)To me, this demonstrates how important commenting is in the “dialog” that takes place between a blogger and his (or her) readers.

  2. Michaela

    So does this mean Tumblr offers comments now? My tumble has gone a little stale in the last few months…cuz though I really like the application, it got lonely without comments. I went to my site on Tumblr to check for comments, but I can’t see how to allow comments.

    1. obscurelyfamous

      Hi Michaela,Disqus is a global comment system that works well with Tumblr. You can check it out at Disqus.comI’d be happy to help if you need anything.

  3. billerickson

    Wow, thanks for getting me to check out Tumblr again. I tried it when it first came out but forgot about it. I love the admin section. The theme editor is 100x better than any other service out there.I’m getting everyone in our coworking office (The Creative Space) to set one up. Here’s mine: Still customizing it.

    1. fredwilson

      Glad you like it billFred

  4. Dan Buell

    It’s cool that they have comments, a bit of an essential for blogging. Do you think they will ever fix the fact that the blog posts are out of sequence? I wrote them a help request and haven’t heard a thing. On my blog the November 13, 2007 post comes before the January 20, 2006 post and then it jumps to November 14, 2007. Nobody wants to read a helter skelter blog like that. Also found it peculiar that their blog is not hosted on Tumblr but rather on WordPress – doesn’t say much for their confidence in the platform but given my personal challenges, I can understand why…

    1. fredwilson

      I agree that its an issueI’ll ask about it tooFred