Freeloading In Rainbows

comScore has released the results of their analysis of the In Rainbows sales for the month of October. Turns out that ~60% of the people who downloaded In Rainbows in October chose to pay nothing for it. For the other 40%, the average price paid was $6 US.


There are two kinds of music customers these days; the ones who will pay for music and the ones who won’t. I am in the former, having been indoctrinated into the process of acquiring music 35 years ago. But I know plenty of people who are in the latter category. They can’t bring themselves to pay for something that is available for free. They are the freeloaders and they are apparently 60% of Radiohead’s fan base.

I’ve argued loud and hard on this blog for the past four years that the music industry cannot ignore the freeloaders. It needs to come up with a model to service this group. It’s getting bigger not smaller.

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